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Version 6.0 Cisco Tidal Enterprise Scheduler

Cisco Intelligent Automation Business Unit January 18, 2011—San Jose, California

Dear Cisco Tidal Enterprise Scheduler Customer:

We proudly introduce you to Version 6 of Cisco Tidal Enterprise Scheduler, which is now generally available. Version 6 builds on the proven 5.3.1 platform and delivers capabilities to support evolving data centers.

We extended the breadth of automation, support for global workforces, and security features to help your operations run smoothly in dynamic IT and corporate environments.

Version 6 is designed to help you manage jobs in increasingly distributed and heterogeneous business models where business processes interact with combinations of different business partners using diverse applications that run in a mixture of physical and virtual systems.

Through its extensive and growing adapter framework, Version 6 gives you integrations with popular business applications and other technologies, as well as integrations that support the incorporation of custom applications. Also available is the functionality to perform agentless scheduling to extend the reach of automation to systems where physical deployment of an agent is not viable. New integrations will continue to be added in the quarters ahead. This range of integrations helps you automate end-to-end business processes.

A standard web interface and new scalable architecture will support workforce models that are global and distributed. A dispersed global workforce can access the scheduler via a standard browser. New APIs are included to further support custom development of self-service portals and help you refine the delegation of tasks for additional efficiencies.

Enhanced security features support integration with corporate directory services, as well as more granular user access controls, thereby providing more efficient operations and improved security.

Cisco Tidal Enterprise Scheduler has been recognized for its ease of use, and Version 6 builds upon the look and feel to support a smooth migration.

For more information, please see: http://www.cisco.com/en/US/products/ps11092/index.html.

Contact your account manager to learn more about Version 6.


The Cisco Tidal Enterprise Scheduler Team

End of Life/End of Sale


Cisco Systems, Inc.
170 West Tasman Drive
San Jose, CA 95134-1706
Direct: 408 526 4000
FAX: 408 526 4100
August 2010
ATTN: Cisco Tidal Software Product Customers and Users
SUBJECT: Product Direction, End-of-Sale and End-of-Life Information
Dear Cisco Tidal Software Product Customer,
You are receiving this important update because you use Cisco Tidal software products. We are happy to report that the transition to Cisco continues to move steadily forward since the acquisition last year. The Tidal team is now part of a business unit within Cisco that offers IT
automation solutions.
As part of the integration process, we updated our product direction, and this letter provides
information regarding the future plans for your Cisco Tidal solution. These plans were designed to give our customers plenty of time for planning upgrades and transitions.
Cisco’s commitment to the Tidal products remains strong. As a result, we have announced new offerings over the past year, with many new versions and new products forthcoming. The
capabilities of these new versions of existing products and new automation products are intended to simplify and advance automation across the data center.
he following pages provide clear information about:
End-of-sale and end-of-life (EOS/EOL) plans for Cisco Tidal products
 Details that affect Cisco Tidal products as a result of third party or platform vendor EOS/EOL plans
Contact information
It was our intention to provide enough advance notice so that customers who have even the most extensive Tidal product implementations can comfortably plan and pace their transitions.
Your account manager and support team can help you decide on upgrades and transition timing
If you want onsite help in facilitating transition planning and execution, we are offering affordable, professional services packages.
Please contact ias-info@cisco.com for more services information. These packages can expedite the process significantly, but you need to contact us immediately to discuss your project, plan your transition, and reserve your dates.
If you have other questions or concerns, please contact us at tidal-support@cisco.com.
Wayne Greene
Director, Product Management
Note About Dates: ALL EOS and EOL dates cover the entire stated month
Cisco Tidal Enterprise Scheduler (TES)
TES v5.3.1 Sales – New and existing customer sales of TES v5.3.1 for 12 months after TES v6.0 is generally available. The target EOS date is 9/2011.
TES v5.3.1 Support – One year full support for TES v5.3.1 will begin on 9/2011, ending
9/2012, with year 2 and 3 support starting on 9/2012 and end-of-support and EOL on
TES v5.3.0 and TES v5.2.2 – No new sales of TES v5.3.0 and v5.2.2 will be allowed after
8/2010. End-of-support and EOL for these older versions are set for 2/2011.
TES v2.x agents – No new sales are allowed. End-of-support and EOL for these older
versions are set for 2/2011.
Cisco Tidal Enterprise Reporter TER (previously Tidal Intelligent Reporting - TIR)
TIR v1.1– Sales and support models match TES versions; we will only allow sales to new
and current customers for 12 months after TES v6.0 has been released, because this is
only compatible with TES v5.3.1, and therefore, this availability timeline matches the sales
availability of TES v5.3.1. The target EOS date is 9/2011.
One year full support will begin on 9/2011 and end on 9/2012, with year 2 and 3 support
starting on 9/2012 and end-of-support and EOL on 9/2014.
TER 1.2. Release planned for enhanced platform coverage and TES v6.0 support. All
sales for TES v6.0 customers on this release. No EOL defined.
Cisco Tidal Intelligent Automation (TIA), Cisco Tidal Enterprise Orchestrator (TEO), Cisco
Tidal Horizon, Cisco Tidal Transaction Analyzer (TA)
TEO 2.1 became available in 5/2010. This is a new product, no EOL.
Tidal Horizon – No new customers accepted for this product after 6/2010. Current
customer sales can continue to purchase through 12/2010.
One year of full support for new customers ends in 6/2011. Two years of support
begins in 6/2011 and ends in 6/2013 during which time we are not obliged to fix bugs
and can retain the right to require customers to migrate to TEO.
TIA 1.2 – EOS for TIA v1.2 was on 2/2010. EOL is 6/2010 and is accelerated due to
availability of next- generation products TEO v2.1. The cost of the software license to
migrate from TIA 1.2 to TEO 2.1 is included in the maintenance fee. Services may be
added at an additional cost.
TIA v2.0 – EOS for 2.0 was 5/2010. EOL is 8/2010.
TA v1.9 – No EOL plan for 1.9.x at this time. Earlier versions were EOL on 12/2009.
Additional Tidal Horizon Information
Tidal Horizon – TEO is the next generation of Horizon, and all current Horizon
customers will receive the SW for upgrade from Horizon to TEO as part of their
maintenance. Services may be added at an additional cost. This will include the “Core
SAP Automation,” “Incident Analysis for SAP,” and “Automation for SAP Business
Warehouse” offerings.
Future content updates for Horizon will be limited to bug fixes and will not include
enhancements and support for new SAP versions.
Tidal Horizon for Oracle PeopleSoft – EOL as of 2/2010. Existing customers were
already notified through Support.
Cisco Tidal Performance Analyzer (previously named Intersperse)
Intersperse v7.2.1 – No new sales, existing customers should upgrade to 8.0.x. EOL is
set for 9/2011.
Intersperse v8.0.x – This is the current release and will be available for sale until the
release of Intersperse 8.5 (date TBD). At this time standard support terms on 8.0.x will be
offered. Existing customers are recommended to upgrade to the latest 8.0.x release,
unless, due to deployment-related requirements or complexities, 8.0 is the only option;
this will be determined case by case.
Intersperse 8.0.2 – EOS and EOL aligns with v8.0. Customer has access to 8.0 or 8.0.2
as needed as part of their support agreement.
Intersperse v8.0.3 – This was a maintenance release with three (3) new agents that was
released 2/2010. EOS and EOL align with 8.0. Customers will have access to 8.0, 8.02 or
8.03 as needed for installation as part of their support agreement. New customers should
only install 8.03. As we are offering new agents with this release, this SP level will be
required to use these agents.
Other Information - Third Party Related Impact on Cisco Tidal Products
Cisco Tidal applications are only supported for use on operating systems and platforms that are
currently supported by their manufacturers, and have been certified by Cisco for use with the
Cisco Tidal products.
Contact Information
Services - For information about upgrade and migration services, please contact
General - If you have other questions or concerns, please contact us at tidal-support@cisco.com.
Technical Support for Tidal products

Customers may call 650-475-4600 or 877-55-TIDAL, option #3 for technical support.  All customers need a Cisco.com ID prior to calling technical support.  Once you register and receive your Cisco.com ID, or if you already have a Cisco.com ID, please call Tidal Technical Support. A service request will then be created, and depending on the severity of the issue you will be routed to technical support.

If you need a Cisco.com ID please go to www.Cisco.com and click “Register” at the top right hand corner of the page.  Fill out the information on the registration page.  Upon clicking “Submit” on the first page, you will receive an email sent from Cisco. From the link provided in this email, you will be directed to this Cisco.com Registration confirmation page. This step is to verify, confirm, and activate your Cisco.com registration. 

Recommended Patch Levels for Daylight Saving Time Change

***** Very Important Notice – Friday, March 5, 2010! *****

***** Recommended Patch Levels for United States Daylight Saving Time Change – Spring Forward Sunday March 14, 2010 *****

***** Affects Both JAVA and Tidal Enterprise Scheduler *****

Recommended Minimum Build-levels for Tidal Enterprise Scheduler and JAVA Virtual Machines

Release Version

Build Level


V 2.04

V 2.04.111

(No Longer a Supported Release)


V 2.5.x


(No Longer a Supported Release)


V 4.x


(No Longer a Supported Release)

1.4.2_13 or later

V 5.0


(No Longer a Supported Release)

1.4.2_13 or later

1.5.0_11 or later

V 5.2


1.4.2_13 or later

1.5.0_11 or later

V 5.3


1.5.0_11 or later



1.5.0_11 or later


Operating System Requirements

The change in the dates for Daylight Saving Time for 2010 could require additional patches and updates from you hardware and other application vendors.  This includes but is not necessarily limited to operating systems and databases.  Please contact the appropriate vendors to confirm the proper updates for your environment.


Tidal Enterprise Scheduler

Potential problems resulting from the daylight saving time change can be avoided by executing the following procedural steps:

1.       Ensure your Master(s) is at the recommend patch level or higher; note minimum patch levels for Tidal Enterprise Scheduler are listed above.

2.       Ensure your JAVA virtual machine, operating system and database are properly updated with any DST related updates; note minimum patch levels for JAVA are listed above.

3.       Refrain from modifying job rules 1 hour prior to the time change.


Note: The minimum JVM requirements apply to the Tidal Enterprise Scheduler Master as well as the Tidal Enterprise Scheduler Agents for UNIX, Linux and HPUX.


If any issues are encountered during the daylight saving time change we are recommending the following procedural steps:

1.       Stop the Master, and backup Master if applicable.

2.       Restart the Master, and backup Master if applicable.

3.       Check all component connections.

4.       Validate the production schedule.


Additional information can be found at www.tidalsoftware.com in the Support section.  If problems are encountered during the execution of the above steps contact Technical Services at (877) 55-TIDAL.


US Holiday Schedule 2010

2010 Date Observed
New Year's Day
Friday, January 1
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
Monday, January 18
Memorial Day
Monday, May 31
Independence Day
Monday, July 5 (Observed) July 4th is on Sunday
Labor Day
Monday, September 6
Thursday, November 25 and Friday, November 26
Friday, December 24 (Observed) Christmas is on Saturday
Bridging Holiday 
Monday, December 27
Note: Jan.1, 2011 is on a Sat., thus can observe on Mon. Jan 3rd.

TIDAL Announces Delivery of Customer Self-Service Support Portal

We are pleased to announce the launch of your new Tidal Software Customer Support Portal!  Register to access your Support Portal here: Customer Registration

Features that will be available with this initial release include:

~ Support Case Review
~ Product Downloads including:
  ~ New product installs
  ~ Product documentation
  ~ Hot Fix Patches
~ Whitepapers
~ Product Playbooks
~ Knowledgebase Articles
~ Product Forums

Product Support

Welcome to Tidal Software,  a Cisco Company

The combination of Cisco and Tidal Software allows you to realize the full business value of your automation technology investment with smart, personalized services.  Our goal is to provide a single, smooth interface for customers around the world and empower you with tools to effectively manage service request cases.


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